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MR Riegillio PVC tracksuit pants red stripes

MR Riegillio PVC tracksuit pants red stripes

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Already a classic! The first PVC tracksuit on the market and already loved dearly by so many!

It's black, shiny and crackling - awesome, isn't it ?! The training pants have two red stripes, a drawstring on the waistband, two pocket openings on the side and the MR. Logo in black on the left leg. The waist and cuffs are close-fitting and have a knitted cuff for greater comfort.

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We also have the tracksuit with white stripes!

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Check out our extensive size chart to determine the perfect size for you!

Please note that a transparent plastic film is attached to the red stripe on delivery, this is only for protection and can be removed.

Product Notes:

  • See the size chart on this page to determine your perfect size!
  • PVC is a non-elastic material. Once stretched, it will not return to its original surface/shape.
  • Tracksuit pants are supplied with an easily removable, protective plastic film on the strip.


  • Great design
  • Color:black/red
  • Composition:100% PVC
  • Washable with special detergents
  • Fats and oils can attack the material
  • Partly water and urine repellent
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