Our socks

What makes our socks unique

Designed in Germany

Every model of our Sk8erboy socks was designed by us in Germany. The path from the first idea, through drawings, to production and sale is a long one..

We are proud of every product!

Made in Germany and the EU

We have been working with our suppliers in Germany and the European Union for many years. We are not only interested in products of excellent quality, but also the impeccable treatment of our suppliers with their employees andresource-saving Work very important.

When packaging our Sk8erboy socks, for example, we pay attention to resource-saving materials..

Every detail thought out

Our Sk8erboy socks are not just a simple piece of clothing but a statement - a fetish - an identity!!

Many of our fans and customers have loved our socks for many years. They love the quality and especially the comfort. Regardless of whether you like your socks with a fresh scent of fabric softener or love being worn smelly 24/7, Sk8erboy socks are a must-have in your wardrobe..

It all started in the 2000s with our legendary onesSk8erboy crew socksn. The classic fat fluffy plush skater socks.

We have equipped some of our Sk8erboy socks with additional extras for you, for example::

  • small inside pocket for money, ID card, condoms and much more. We always deliver this sock bag filled with oneMister B rubber condom By the way: oursSk8erboy mouth and nose maske andSk8erboy sweatbandd have this bag as well.
  • The soles of our Sk8erboy® Socks are specially optimized for selfie pic. This is how you put yourself and the message of the socks in the limelight.
  • Due to the extra fluffy material, the socks absorb a lot of sweat and hold the scent of your feet and sneakers. But only until next wash.
  • We recommend ours as a gagSk8erboy sneaker socksn. You can simply slide this into your sub and then tap his face or additionally with oursSk8erboy MX sockss fix tightly.

 Washing socks - not a must-have

Here you will find a few tips and information on how to care for our Sk8erboy socks so that you can have fun with them for a long time!!

Socken Waschanleitung einzeln sortiert in einer Waschmaschine auf eine leine in einem air max nike 90

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