CSD Frankfurt - Sk8erboy® unterstützt!

CSD Frankfurt - Sk8erboy® supported!

Not only the big wide world is important to us as Sk8erboy®, but also our home and region. Frankfurt am Main is our home and as they say in Hesse, the"Gud Stubb". For many years we have celebrated together with you here in the different locations and proudly showed our fetish.

This year the most important community event in the Rhein-Main area is on the brink. Due to increased costs in the areas of energy, waste disposal, security, etc.,"our"CSD Frankfurt is on the brink.

The association has actively called for donations and support. It is important to us to give flag and commitment to our homeland. Therefore we as Sk8erboy® support the CSD Frankfurt.

Every contribution counts! Here you can find all information about CSD Frankfurt and how you can support.

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